Let’s get started


As you may have already read on the About page my husband and I just relocated to Germany. I was the driving force in this plan, though instead of moving close to family or friends we ended up moving to the other side of Germany, Frankfurt, where we both found jobs.

The first days where quiet an adjustment.

In the US where stores are open 24/7 and doctors offer weekend appointments it’s easy to get your personal to-do list accomplished over the weekend. Even Secretary of State branches have extended hours or provide an appointment option.

In Germany on the other hand everything is closed on Sunday. Grocery stores open at 8am and close by 9pm in many cities. Doctors offices never open on weekends, and regularly close by 6pm during the week, some having 1-2 days a week extended hours till 8pm. The Secretary of State closes most days by 2 pm and getting you car registered means to wait in line for hours as appointments are not possible.

It was an adjustment at first and required some changes of our daily schedules, we plan a bit more in advance. But now we also see some positive side effects:

Sundays is time spend together, without the hustle of the week.



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