Strasbourg, France – Exploring Europe

Since relocating to Germany we are trying to travel as many weekends as possible. Being only a few hours from France, Austria and many other beautiful countries  we are not limiting our weekend travels to Germany. For those of you that don’t know, most European countries participate in the Schengen Agreement, meaning there are no passport controls when travelling between countries. This certainly makes travelling rather simple and often faster without having to stop at a border.

We used a recent sunny weekend for a 2 day trip to Strasbourg. Strasbourg is known to many for the European parliament, which meets every month in a huge glass building on the Ill. Though the city has much more to offer.

In my eyes the most magnificent building to visit is the The Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourg.  The churchs construction started over 1000 years ago and is a remarkable example of Gothic architecture, though includes elements of Romanesque architecture as well.

On our trip we started at the church and joined a free walking tour from there. Happy Strasbourg offers a daily tour at 2.30 pm which lasts about 2 hours. The tour itself is free of Charge, though you should tip the guide at the end! During the tour we went past some beautiful  historical sights and learned about the cities German/French history.
We learned about the aqueduct which was given to the city 1998, General Kleber who led an expedition in Egypt and walked by several unique half-timbered houses.

Afterwards we set down at a small restaurant in La Petite France indulging in Quiche and Tarte Flambee, a traditional Alsatian dish combined with great wine. Walking thru La Petite France we found our dessert at a local pastry store which offered a variety of Eclair.

We started our 2nd day in the city with fresh croissants and amazing coffee from a local bakery. After this we walked more of the city exploring the covered bridge and the Swing Bridge. Both being unique technical relics from the past. The covered bridge dating back to 14th century, while the swing bridge was built about 135 years ago. From These historical structures we followed along the Ill till we reached the European Parliament. This huge glass building being a big contrast to the old city center.

Following the walk around the city we decided on a boat tour. The tour which lasted about 2 went by many monuments we had seen earlier such as the covered Bridge. But in addition we went by the customs house next to the Raven Bridge we did not notice earlier. The tour being narrated in english gave us additional Information about the city.

We ended our weekend trip with a stop at a local cheese store were found not only a tasty snack for the way home, but also some cheese as edible souvenir.


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