Prague – A spectacular City

During  an extended 3 day weekend we tried to explore as many sights and Corners Prague has to offer. Neither my husband (back then still fiancé) nor I had ever been but we both were told about the beauty of the city. And after a few days there we can only agree, this city is definitely worth a trip!

The city itself is split in two by the Vltava River. On the one side you find the impressive fairytale castle, on the other side Old Town with its Gothic Tyn Church and Astronomical Clock. We spent our first day in Old Town, wandering Old Town square and even watched the clock play. The astronomical clock itself is worth a brief visit. The history and related legend behind the clock is interesting, supposedly the clock maker was blinded by order of the city council to assure he would not repeat his work in other cities. The clock maker than broke the clock and it took years to repair.

Though honestly, watching the clock play was kind of disappointing. I feel as that is a highly overrated tourist attraction. If you don’t happen to be around that area when the clock play starts don’t worry you are truly not missing out on anything.

In the middle of Old Town Square you will find the statue of the Reformer Jan Hus, whose alma mater is Prague University. While at the square climb up the Old Town Hall Tower for an incredible view.

Around the corner from Old Town you can find the former Jewish quarter with it’s museum and cemetery. Also don’t miss the Franz Kafka Memorial next to the Spanish Synagogue around the corner. Walking the small streets and reading the little street signs and explanations are certainly informative. But I would suggest a guided tour, just like we did in Strasbourg. Over the course of the weekend we did two guided tours, one thru Old Town with the Jewish Quarter and a second one the next day up at the castle.

Overall the city is very walkable as long as you bring the right shoes. Just as most European cities it’s older pavement and cobblestone.

Towards the end of our first day we walked to the Powder Tower, a gothic Tower which used to be a city gate and now is the border between Old and New Town.
We ended our day refueling with a classic Czech dish, Gulasch in a bread bowl and some local beer. For dessert we went to a small place in Old Town and had Trdelník. Trdelník is a kind of spit cake, which is dough wrapped on a roll and grilled. You can get it filled with ice cream, chocolate or just eat it plain.
I recommend strolling by the river and Charles Bridge at the evening. The lit up castle is worth a picture or two at night.


We started our next day by crossing Charles Bridge and climbing up the Bridge Tower. From where we enjoyed an amazing view over the river. Besides while standing up on the tower you truly notice the big crowds of tourists everywhere. After our stop on top of the Bridge Tower we kept walking up to the castle where our 2 hour tour thru castle history and St. Vitus cathedral began. As the tour didn’t cover the Golden Lane we stopped there prior to grabbing lunch. Golden Lane consists of many little houses painted in vibrant colors. In of them Franz Kafkas sister used to live 100 years ago. Our lunch spot for that day was the Strahov Monastic Brewery, which is located on the castle grounds. It offers a nice variety of local food as well as tasty beer. On our way back to Old town we searched for the Lennon Wall which was kind of hidden. The wall features some unique drawings, though is not a must see while in Prague – in my eyes.
We ended our  second day with some more Trdelník.
As I am a big fan of sweets I really enjoyed these!

Our third day was mainly spent driving back to Germany, though I am sure we would have found more to see and to-do in this picturesque and historical town.


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