Is venting good for you? I say YES!

Is venting good for you?
I think we have all asked ourselves this before and I say it is.

All of us encounter difficult situations, let it be losing a job, financial hardship, relationship trouble or getting a bad grade. In my latest case of venting, it was about being treated unfair at work. Being blamed for a mistake a coworker was accountable for and being singled out for something that isn’t even within my scope of responsibilities. In these situations we may feel hurt, frustrated, sad, scared or alone. We find ourselves alone with these feelings and uncertain what to do. You may talk to yourself- either out loud, or just in your mind- haggling with yourself about the options and alternatives you have. In some cases that’s all it needs, a few minutes to have this conversation with yourself. But in others, your anger will just grow from that. Hiding these issues in a corner of your mind will make these emotions grow, and not go. It is important to realize that many of these feelings won’t resolve themselves. Talk about it, vent!

Therefore venting is healthy, it’s needed to express your feelings and let them out of the dark corner.

I don’t mean venting where you yell and scream. I am not referring to a rant in which you complain about how unfair and wrong the situation is. In which you blame the person listening to you. If you find yourself in that situation you have waited too long to give these emotions room. By exploding in this way you are also letting out the negative feelings, but in a less constructive way. Besides most people are not eager to listen to someone screaming at them. A friend is more likely to listen to you again when you treat him with respect.

When you find yourself feeling sad, frightened or treated unfairly express these thoughts and emotions in a calm way.

When I say venting is good I am referring to expressing your emotions in a calm manner. Talking to a trusted person rationally discussing the matter. Letting out your feelings, finding comfort and discussing the topic will greatly help you and your mental health. The way you talk matters in this case, don’t solely focus on what has happened and what you can’t change anymore. Don’t hold on to the grudge. Don’t keep bringing up subjects you can’t change, and which are out of your control, like the rainy weather or the traffic jam you were stuck in last week. This is not venting, that’s just complaining. Or wallowing in self- pity with the underlined statement “poor me”. Complaining is not a healthy way to vent. Don’t bring up the same topic over and over again as that indicates that you are not letting go and are not moving on.

Sorry if you were looking for a post that grants you the right to vent in any way. As this is most likely not it!


Venting is your chance to talk thru the topic and close it. The goal should be to find closure afterwards and move on with a positive attitude. Now that we have straightened out the difference between good and bad venting. Try it next time you want to vent. Don’t jump on the topic right away, take a minute to think about it or even a night to sleep over it. And use it as a chance and opportunity to express what you think and how you felt in that situation.

Venting is good if done in a good way! Let go of the grudge!

Also venting reduces the craving of stress eating 😉

Now, do you vent?
And if so does it help you?


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