Pura Vida in Playa del Coco, Costa Rica

If you are looking for a calm and relaxing spot for your next vacation, look no further Playa Del Coco has everything you need. We were fortunate to take a 10 day round trip thru Costa Rica and spent a few days in the small town of Playa del Coco. Costa Del Coco has taught as the genuine meaning of Pura Vida! The village is roughly 30 minutes from the Liberia Airport and nestled directly at a mile long sandy beach.

Staying at a little beach front hotel (Hotel M&M) was recreational. Each morning we started our day with a walk along the sandy beach. Afterwards we enjoyed a tasty breakfast with fresh fruits and delicious coffee on the hotel patio.

We used our time in Costa Del Coco exploring bay and city. On low tide we took a little hike to a beach located around the cliffs and spent a few hours on the secluded beach. It’s a quiet and easy escape for a relaxed morning or afternoon. Another day we rented Stand Up Paddle Boards and paddled out to the small island located in the bay. It’s a short distance to the island and feasible for beginners. We took our snorkeling gear with us, and got a glimpse at some fish and even a tortoise swimming around the island. It was a fun activity and also gave a new perspective to the picturesque bay.

With the high temperatures and humid weather we didn’t have a big appetite throughout the day and just snacked on fruit. There are fruit stands offering fresh coconut and mango at each corner of the village. The mangos tasted so fresh and were a lot sweeter and juicier compared to the store bought US option. We also tried some meat skewers which were flavorful and delicious. Overall the food was amazing. The evenings we tried several little sodas, sodas being small often family owned restaurants offering authentic Cost Rican dishes. Our favorite was La Teresita , it was only minutes from our hotel and offered great Casado with fresh seafood, rice and fried plantains. We also sampled the flavorful Lizano sauce and ended up buying some at a nearby supermarket to take home.


Overall we had an amazing time exploring not just the beauty of Playa Del Coco but Costa Rica in it’s total. And I would totally recommend it for a vacation!

Have you been to Costa Rica, if so which was your favorite city?
Which travel destination would you recommend for a beach vacation?


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